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Where do I get Background Screening?

I just have a few rentals, and wanted to know where to get a REAL credit report, and background check on my applicants. Everybody wants a long contract, and big fees to join.  Any help would be great!  Thank You!

Check into Landlord Info Systems, they give the private landlord who only has a few rentals, a Credit Report, Criminal check, and a Leasing recommendation.    We small landlords can finally get a real credit report, not a stripped down summary. They don't have any sign up fees, long term contracts, or site inspections.  the website is:  Lots of luck.
Elisabeth, I also work for a tenant screening company, Advantage Tenant. Our primary customer is the small landlord. Most order our tenant credit report with scorecard, which gives the FICO credit score (the one the bureaus use) and outlines delinquencies, bankruptcies, late pays, etc. You can get this without an onsite inspection. We also offer background screening, eviction reports and employment verification and have no sign up fees or contracts. We have sample reports of all of the above on our website for your review.   To be fair, most of our competitors can offer you similar products, but I think you'll find our pricing and service to be the best...and we've been doing this for over 10 years now, so the track record is there as well. Good luck, and please check us out
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