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should renters know my home address?

I am a new investor and I think my home address should be private.  Is there any reason that I have to share it with my renters or can I keep it private?  I was thinking of renting a post office box for them to send in their rent.

In some states you are required to disclose your address and phone number. What I have done in the past is used my office address.
Private is right! My tenants posed the same question a month after moving in Nov 2008 & I very politely responded "my physical address is of no relevance concerning your lease or renting of my home, as noted in lease my P O Box serves as my business address." That worked 4 me, but like Denise said use a work or office address.
I have always used a PO box. My only thought on using an office address, is what if you have a tenant that is upset or irate would you want them coming to your office.
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