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Renter not giving a definite date of rent already due?

I have a renter that asked if he could use his security deposit as his Novembers rent.  I explained to him that he could not and asked when he would be able to pay.  He initially said he would pay on the 14th.  Today I spoke with him again and asked if he was still paying on the 14th.  He would not give me a date and said he would call me when he decided what he was going to do. I feel that this is going to be a bad situation and he is stalling for time. He has three months left on his lease but, being that this is the 4th time there has been rent issues I am seeking information on eviction just incase I need to go that route. Is there anyway to get it done quickly.  I can't carry the mortgage for another month so I need to act quick
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Nevada Guidelines for the Eviction Process Non-Payment of Rent: The tenant is considered to be in "Unlawful Detainer" once the rent is past due.  The landlord may initiate a summary eviction at any time after rent is past due by serving a 5 Day Notice of Unlawful Detainer for Non-Payment of Rent.If the tenant still remains in possession, the landlord can allege that the tenant is guilty of an "Unlawful Detainer", and may initiate a summary eviction action against the tenant.   It may be time to initiate eviction proceedings if your tenant is ignoring your request for rent.
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