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5 Day notice or 5 Unlawful Detainer

Hello everyone/anyone...  I am starting the process of evicting a tenant who has not paid rent for this month and will not give me a date he is planning to pay.  My questions are???  I was told to start by doing a Five-Day notice to pay rent or quit the premises.  In the packet I purchased it included a Five(5) Unlawful Detainer.  They seem like pretty much the same thing.  If After I serve the notice and wait the first five days do I then serve the unlawful detainer and wait another five days?  At which point am I able to apply to the Justice of the Peace of the Las Vegas Township for an Eviction Order?  Thank you
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The tenant is considered to be in "Unlawful Detainer" once the rent is past due. Therefore, you may initiate a summary eviction at any time after rent is past due by serving this 5 Day Notice of Unlawful Detainer for Non-Payment of Rent. After the 5 days have passed and the tenant still remains in possession, you can allege that the tenant is guilty of an "Unlawful Detainer", and may initiate a summary eviction action against the tenant. This is done by going to your local courthouse, filing the paperwork and paying the fees.
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