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Eviction, tenant w/baby in NJ

Hello,   Hypothetical question? I have an apartment that I am leasing. I am on a fence. Prospective tenant is a single female with a baby and also sharing apartment with a 17 old sister. I am find with the demographics. But I am wearing about eviction. I don't think she would default on rent because she hasn't in past. What are the procedures for eviction and about how does it take? Is it different with a baby? Can I sue to have it put on her credit for future so prevent it from happening to someone else? Thanks for the insight in advance. Monica
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Some states have criteria for evicting in the winter months. I am not sure if New Jersey is one of them. Other than unless it is a senior citizen demographics have little play in eviction. Once an eviction takes place, a judgement is awarded. There are procedures in some localites to have the judgement show up on a credit report. It is the judgement that becomes a red flag to future landlords.
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