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Cant get daughters ex-best friend out of my rental property

Both of my parents passed away a couple of years ago and the family home was left to my siblings and I.  We rented the 3br home to my 21 yr old Daughter and her friend.  Very cheap rent all untilities included. Daughter has always paid her rent  on time since they moved in in Feb The friend on the other hand always has one elaborate excuse or another for paying us in drips and dribbles.  She has not paid at all for Sept. or Oct. daughter is not much of a partier unlike the friend who had her boyfriend (who practically lived there too) without our consent. They were constantly having parties with really undesirable people coming in and out. A few weeks ago my daughter walked in on one of their parties and someone stole her cell phone. Totally fed up I sent her a 14 day notice to evict. She is leaving all of her stuff in her rm..stolen towels from daughter and sending me letters stating I have NO right to go and even visit daugher. What is my next step?

First thing is: What does your lease say? Is it month to month? How much notice does your lease require?  I would start there. As far as rights to visit your daughter; I am not sure about that. If your daughter invites you, than you have every right to visit her, I would think. Have you contacted an attorney?
Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, I was stupid enough not to write up a lease because of it being my daughter and her friend.  So it is called "tenant at will", and I have already sent her a 14 day "notice to quit" form through a constable. and I guess next step is court if she does not get out, her and her mother keep sending me certified letters just to antagonize me further..and I just dont need this as I just lost my brother 3 weeks ago, and have a sister in critical care.  thanks again for your response.
Wow this sounds like a really tough situation. Hopefully the 14 day period isalmost complete. In many states if the living situation is one where the person is living with you, there are ways to remove them quicker. If you see that she is stealing, another thing to do is to file a police report. If nothing else that may scare her away. Gosh good luck in this situation and let us know how it turns out.
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