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Non Payment of Rent and Water Bill Due to Late Replacement of Water Heater by Landlord

I have a new tenant in an apartment which was unoccupied for about a year. When she called the gas company to turn on the gas, they refused because the water heater was damaged and needed to be replaced. It took me about two to three weeks to find a contractor whom I trusted to make the replacement (we were just before this incident ripped off by a contractor).  Well, the time came for payment of rent and water bill (which I divide among tenants)but she refused to pay and will not return my calls. She is now 9 days late on rent.  Question #1: Does she have legal grounds? Question #2: Can I evict ANYONE as long as I give them 30 days notice?

Let me ask you this, was your tenant without hot water for the three weeks? Was any concession made for those three weeks? How long ago was that? Is the water bill she is paying for for that time period? As far as being late on rent...I would send her a late notice. But if it took you a year to get her and she has paid all along - maybe you would want to work with her.
Response to Helen, FL I get it. So I should pay the water bill but by all means she still owes the rent. Thanks, I appreciate your advice.
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