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can i enter my yenents apartment while they are not at home

my tenants told me they were leaving at the end of the month and that they wished to used the security deposit as the last months rent. since they seem like nice people and the appartment seems to be in good condition i agreed i told them that i would need to advertize and show the appartment two days ago i saw one of them and told him that i had a few people who needed to see the appartment and what time was good for them. he said any time. i asked him if he could kindly make sure that the appartment was presentable and to not leave any valuable belongings laying around. this morning i called him to let him know that i would be showing the appartment in an hour and he said it was fine. ten minutes later i get a phone call from his girlfriend, the other tenant, telling me that i was not to enter the appartment without her being home because she has valuables laying around. i asked her when she would be home and she told me she could not give me a time. is it illegal for me to enter.

I am not sure if legal or illegal is the problem here. If you enter and this woman claims that her "valuables" were taken, whether true or not could be a real big problem for you. I would send them notice IN WRITING that you want to show perspective tenants through and are requiring them to be present.
A Landlord can enter with reasonable notice.  I'd suggest you give at least 24.
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