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Can LL Sudenly Change Lease

My LL paid me a surprise visit upon my getting back from a 2 day vacation. I was completely unprepared someone to show up at 7:30 at night. She is in town for 3 weeks*(lives out of town and is visiting relatives) and decided now was the time to come, with no notice given. My lease states 24 hours notice must be given before she comes and I am sure if her emailing me 2 weeks ago to say she would be in town counts? Does this count as 24 hrs notice?  If not, I was forced to basically let her in my house at 7:45 at night when my children were falling asleep and I am not sure that was the right decision. Regardles...she told me that any further plumbing issues I was being held responsible for since she did not see any problems and that her brother having not come back for more then 3 months to fix what she calls "minor things" was a non issue really. This included a broken fridge that my kids were cut on, missing windows screens, and a few other problems.  cont next post
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Furthermore...she suddenly decided that since I had 2 cats instead of the 1 I was allowed she was now allowing no cats and keeping my pet deposit I had paid 1 year ago. Is this legal and can she suddenly up and change the lease to do this?   She has now told me as far as any new issues or repairs go she will not be fixing them unless we can come to some sort of an agreement and I will basically be paying any repairs out of my own pocket. This is not what my lease stipulates. She says this because the plumber had to come out twice in 2 days for a toilet leak that she cannot find but it is there. She is now demanding that I reimburse her the $75 plumber fee she was charged. I am section 8 and cannot afford this. Can someone please help me out
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