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tennant abandons year lease

We leased a home for one year to an out of state tennant. Husband did walk through and signed lease agreement. we replaced (at tennants request) all appliances with stainless steel.We double cleaned carpets in unit. When wife arrived and moved in she said she smelled something.(obviously the wet carpet). After staying there two days she informed us that they were abandoning the lease ,in fact had leased another property and were moving there.I have replaced the appliances at reliance on them and the year lease.I have also lost the perfectly usable washer and dryer plus other renters, the fee to advertise, and even a possible sale to investment buyer.I have the first months,last months and security deposit.Are these tennants eligable for return of any monies and are they responsible for future losses I may incur until I have new tennant
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Much of this depends on the lease. If the tenants abondoned the lease while it was still in effect without proper notice, then I would think you would be entitiled to damages. There is a clause that isn't permitted in all states, but it is the acceleration clause which makes the tenant responsible for the rent remaining for the balance of the lease term. BUT the landlord usually MUST mitigate damages which means they must do all within their power to re-rent.
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