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where do i get background screening

Need to no more about tenants.

Hey Todd, There are many, many tenant screening companies out there offering similar products (background checks, tenant credit checks, employment verification, etc.). Just type "tenant screening" into Google. The main difference being in the service you receive, and the history of the company. If the number of options are overwhelming, feel free to check out our tenant screening site at We've been serving both the individual landlord and the large property management companies for over 10 years. Good luck.
The first thing you want to do is to thoroughly check them out. This site offers a free rental application. It asks many pertinent questions and also requires a signature at the end so that you ahve the proper permission to investigate. There are many companies that perform tenant checks. There are several listed on this web-site in the Resources area. I would check out 2 or 3 services. NTN is a very good one that many of the members of this web-site have used. Another method is to have your tenant get his free credit report and send it to you.
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