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Tenants never take possession

My husband and I decided to buy a new home and rent out the old one. When the tenants came to sign the rental agreement we did not place a move in date since we were still there. We told them that as soon as we close on our home that they could move in that was ok with them. We were suppose to close on Oct 30 so we called the tenants to let them know but then the bank dragged their feet and we didn't close until Nov 10. We kept in daily contact with the tenants. They said it would be ok since they had their rent paid for the month. But then 2 days before we close they say they have to move by Tues Nov 11. We said ok no problem we are closing Mon Nov 10 they could pick up the key in the Morning. They wanted to split their deposit up between 2 months. With that we atleast wanted the first months rent paid. THey refuse possession. Signed another contract. Stated they already moved. Previous landlord states they did not move and state they are still in possession of keys. What to do?  KY
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If they signed a Lease, you could take them to court for the money they may owe until you re-rent. If they gave you a deposit, you probably would be entitled to keep it. If neither of these are true, you most likely need to find other tenants and be happy that these tenants showed their true colors. I have learned through the years to GET EVERYTHING in writing and get a deposit.
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