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evicting a relative

He has no lease, pays no rent. He lives with my mother and things are getting ugly. He receives mail there and has clothes there, but his Florida DL is not for the address. Can you throw him out, or does she have to go the legal route of giving him at least 30 days/ This is in Duval County (jacksonville) Florida.  Thanks
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There is a fine line between leasing to a relative and just having them live with you. With no lease, this relative would have to show proof that he is living there. Many judges use the payment of rent or any other type of living expense as well as mail being delivered there in ones name. It is hard to tell. Being the fact that clothing is there and mail is received, you most likely will have to go the legal route. I think, though I would get the advice of an attorney. Paying an attorney now can save you alot of money and aggravation later. good luck!
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