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arogant tenants

Hi, I need some advice. I am renting my property for a year and the tenants, which in the beginning seemed like a nice couple, are now arrogant, don't pay rent on time and have not paid the entire pet fee yet after 7 months. Whenever I call them, to ask for the rent, they answer that I harass them. I think that they are trying to use this "harassment" answer in the future against me. Any advice? I do not threaten them, I do not call them by bad names, I am just asking for my rent...

Try doing things with written correspondence. Set up a sequence of violation notices. This site had some good ones. This way you will have a paper trail.
I agree, the best thing to do is just evict them, after making sure your paper trail is good.  And, do stop calling them. Calling is always a bad idea.  It makes no paper trail, even if your phone company prints out what numbers you called and how long you talked.  It doesn't say what you discussed, like a letter does.
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