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disconnecting electricity on tenant

i rented a mobile home to a young couple. i had the electricity in my name so i could do the necessary repairs. the new tenants were to move in that weekend, two days before the first of the month. i could have disconnected the power that friday but it wouldn't have been connected until the following monday, the first so i gave them two days rent and electricity free, with the agreement they would switch over the electricity on the first. due to my own negligence, i found out a month later that they didn't switch the power to their name and not only that, they still haven't paid october's rent. i've already issued the " 3 day notice or vacate" but can i legally stop the power or is this considered a self help method? florida statutes say that the electricity cannot be turned off, even if it is in the landlord's name. but the electricity was never part of the deal. i'm not turning it off because of failure to pay rent, only because it is not supposed to be in my name. can anyone help?
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Do not shut off the power! A landlord may not take such measures in his/her own hands. In some states, you can request to the electric company that the electric be removed from your own name and then it would be up to the electric company. It is best to go through the courts and bring the unpaid electric bills with you as most likely the judge will award you that as well.
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