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Want a form for not paying rent and never finished paying deposit.

Want form for not paying rent and never finishing payment of deposit.

If deposit was due at signing, you don't need a form -- just a letter. If non-payment of rent, it seems like you had better send notice of termination and evict.
Sandy,    Regarding the Non-payment of rent you can draft your own notice to pay/quit. Example:    Title it  Notice to quit/or pay    Include the date at the top     This is a formal notice to pay, or quit pursuant to Indiana landlord-Tenant Laws, I demand you surrender the property located at (insert address) on this date, or bring your rent current. I would include the rent amount somewhere appropriate in the notice to quit. Indiana Law says you have to give a ten day notice to quit, I would include the date they are to vacate the premises, or have their rent current.    Should the tenant still not pay or surrender the premises your only course of action is to file an eviction notice with the clerk of the court in the county the rental property is located.    Check Indiana code on the net, there is a section in the In. Code that allows you to gain a court date within three business days of filing in cases where the tenant has created, or threatens to commit waste. Good Luck!
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