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received zoning violation caused by tenant

I received a zoning violation for my tenant apparently operating a used car business from our home.  I really like these people they are the greatest tenants I've ever had, very nice family and think they are just doing what they can to pay the bills. I've never heard anything from the neighbors I'm close with so assuming (before I have contacted them) that the business is not very obvious or disruptive. My question is is there a way my tenant can continue his business but legally  like storing autos off site and only using the house for his calls and paperwork? what shall I tell them? Can they get a permit to do this legally? I (they) have only 15 days to clear this up before I'm charged the violation  I certainly don't want to send them a 3 day notice (yet anyway). I'd like to suggest other options but don't know if its legal.  Or am I getting myself into a big mess?  The contract does state no personal business w/o permission from us 1st.
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It is very difficult to change the zoning of a property that is located within a primarily residential community. If there were other businesses located within the neghborhood, it may be a bit easier. It is still usually a complicated process. If your neighbors haven't complained, chances are that your zoning officer found out somehow. I would call the zoning office and ask them. But if they are pretty adamant about it stopping, I would comply.
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