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Tenants moved out, left considerable damage.

I had two tenants who moved out prior to lease end and left considerable damage to the unit.  They had a dog, which they were not allowed to have that chewed holes in the carpet, walls, and blinds.  Has any had success in recovering money for damages, attorney fees, and the like?  Thanks!
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Take them to court for the damages. If you already have possession you can either file a landlord/tenant action or in some states a civil action. Once you obtain a judgement, then you can go after the money. Depending on the state there are several modes you can go from pushing for a sheriff's sale of their personal property to attaching wages ( the latter can be difficult). Either way the judgement will stay with them until they pay it off. It is hard to get a mortgage these days anyway, even harder with a judgement on your record.
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