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normal fees to charge at moveout

when I was originally searching for a sample lease agreement I found a list of specific amounts charged for different things, i.e. cleaning, replacement, and repairs. It has been a year and the tenant is moving out and now I can not find that list. Does anyone know of a website with a similar list, or does anyone have a similar list? We have not done the walkthrough yet, but I want to be prepared with amounts I will tell the tenant I will charge if it is not fixed. Thanks.
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I actually found what I was looking for. Here it is for anyone that is interested.  CLEANING Clean refrigerator 50.00 Clean stovetop 30.00 Replace stove drip-bowls 28.00 Clean oven 50.00 Clean stove hood 30.00 Clean kitchen cabinets 45.00 Clean kitchen floor 50.00 Clean tub/shower and surround 30.00 (ea.) Clean toilet and sink (per bath) 20.00 Clean bathrm.cabinets and floor 25.00 Clean carpets (per room) 75.00 Vacuum throughout dwelling 40.00 Window cleaning(per unit) 11.00 Clean greasy parking spaces 25.00 (ea.) Clean fireplace 35.00
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