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Dangerous dog remedies?

First off,I live in Indiana and took on a roommate in my house because I had the room and financially it helps.I own an eski-poo so when she asked if she could bring her dogs after telling me they were well trained and vaccinated I agreed and put it in the lease.That was six months ago and almost on a daily basis the smaller dog has attacked my dog with the larger later joining in.  I've talked to her about it and she does nothing, whereas I keep getting in the middle to protect my dog whom I literally carry down the stairs and outside now when her dogs are out roaming the house.They wear no tags and her story constantly changes on when and where they were last vaccinated.Needless to say all of this has made a stressful, if not semi-intolerable living condition.She sucks as a roommate, but she has a one year lease.My question is what can I do about the dogs before I get seriously hurt,or someone else for that matter.  I don't bring people in the house anymore b/c I don't want them hurt
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I think I would first ask for proof of vaccinations, explaining that you really need that on file. Make it a verbal request but also put it in writing and have her sign of the receipt of the notice. Roommate situations in some states are handled differently. Check with your state statutes on what your rights are. Check your pet clause in your lease to see if it specifies rules of having a pet.
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