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Won't leave after 3 day eviction?

Our 1st time to rent to tenant, we trusted them and let them in when they gave$150.oo towards the deposit and promised the rest at end of the week. They now owe for2 months rent and the rest of the deposit. The eviction cost us for the lawyer and they got it tues. this is friday and they got the kids for the weekend-they should have been out today.  Is this now tresspassing?  Why don't the landlords get together to change the law that permits tenants to evade landlords and become legal tresspassers??????

Once you serve the required notice, you then may go to your local court and file a hearing to get back possession. It can be frustrating but you must follow proper procedures. If you do not it could end up being a much bigger problem for you in the long run. Unfortunately it is a lesson learned. I never permit anyone to move into my rental properties without paying ALL money upfront. I also make sure and do rigorous background checks to make sure that they are worthy tenants BEFORE I rent to them.
I had almost the exact thing happen.  I was told not to rent my propery to my current tennant but I followed my heart and not my head.  Now she still owes most of the security and 2months rent.  A hard lesson learned!! It's very sad though because what have we come to as people when you try to be good to someone and they take advantage of you.  Its wrong to be heartless but in the long run you get burnt.
We first sent our tenant a 3 day or quit notice.  After the 3 days, she did not pay so we had to file an unlawful detainer with the court.  Then she has 5 days to reply to that on why she did not pay.  If she makes does not reply within the 5 days she will be asked to leave by the sheriff... if she does reply then it will be assigned a court hearing.
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