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does landlord need to change lock for new tenant occupancy

I live in Kentucky and am not sure if it is required of the landlord to change the locks for new tenant occupancy. I would appreciate any relevant information.

Considering you never know if your last tenant gave back all keys or not or who they may have given copies to; it is a good practice to change the locks. If something were to happen to a tenant and it is found that you never changed the locks and that is how the crime happened, you may be liable. Although maybe not illegal that liability could not only cost you alot of money but much turmoil as well. The small upfront cost of changing locks now can save much later. If you have several properties, you can even switch your locks around; that is even a better safeguard than just leaving them.
I bought some Kwickset locks that can be re-keyed by the owner.  It is a very simple and inexpensive process to change all the locks in your house.  Check for them at Home Depot.
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