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Need MO Rent and Possession form

I have tenants who owe me back rent with no lease.  I want to evict them ASAP and recoup the back rents.  They were given verbal 30 notice 12/12/08 and haven't made any attempt to move or pay up.  In MO in such case I do not have to give them 30 days written notice.  I'm ready to file for an immediate eviction notice and try to collect/garnish back rents after.  I do have another person who wants to rent the property and it costs me $$ every day the non-paying tenants stay.
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Before the landlord can bring an " action for possession" ( a legal claim for the tenant's removal from the rental unit ), s/he must first terminate the rental agreement. The landlord can terminate the rental agreement in the following way ( MCA 70-24-422 )if rent is unpaid when due:  Three (3) days notice must be given to the tenant. If the rent is paid within the three days then the notice is void. After the 3 days pass and the tenant still has not paid, the landlord can then go to thier local/county courthouse and file for a hearing to have force the tenant to give up possession.
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