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Eviction procedure in Oregon?

We have tenants that are late on rent every month.  They are friends and are going through a rough time, but we still have to make house payment.  It is now end of November and have only received 1st half of October and nothing for November.  We are looking for the legal eviction procedure for Oregon.  Any suggestions?

Found this resource from the Oregon State Bar specifically about evictions in the state: Speaking with an eviction attorney as well probably wouldn't be a bad idea. They know the ins and outs of the courts and aren't emotionally attached to your situation. If you need to see a sample eviction notice, and more helpful info, feel free to visit our site: Good luck.
After rent is more than 7 days overdue, the landlord may give the tenant written notice of intentions to evict if rent is not paid within 72 hours. The landlord has the option to give a similar notice for 144 hours on the 5th day the rent is overdue, if preferred. If the tenant does not pay within the prescribed time, the landlord may file a FED(eviction) through the proper court. This is usually done by visiting your local court, filing the paperwork and paying a fee. Good luck in this, it is hard to evict strangers let alone someone we know.
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