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Landlord and heating

Is it true that a tenant can withhold rent monies if landlord does not provide proper heating?

"Proper heating" can be defined as many things. There are procedures that should be followed. Sending a request in writing and keeping a copy for oyur records is the first of such steps. This begins a paper trail of this event. In some states you may place your money in escrow after sending notice of your intentions. I would check though with your local legal aid office or housing authority first.
I had the exact same problem.  My tenant complain about the heat saying it was too cold.  I set my thermostat at 68 during the day and 65 at night.  There was no clear answer as to what was the right temp, other than the word 'INHABITABLE' would be cause for holding back the rent.  I since found out that the gas company makes a recommendation as to what the temp should be.  Is the heater working properly?  Do the doors and windows close properly?  Is anything broken?  Could you live there?  Ask yourself those questions.
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