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If I evict a tenant for non payment, can I still recover damages for ballance of lease?

If I evict a tenant for non payment, can I recover damages for the remainder of the lease? they have paid for 3 months on a 12 month lease.

Some states do permit this and the state of Washington, I believe is one of them, but you, as a landlord usually have an obligation to mitigate damages. This means that you must do everything within your power to re-rent the property in order to minimize the damages. Some judges will permit this through and some do not even when your lease allows for it and the state permits it. But in my state it it permitted and I have been awarded as such in most of my evictions.
Thank you for your response; it helped me.
Have to tried to ask live chat yet. I am evicting, I do a month to month so that i'm not stuck,having some in there i don't want. Julie B,WA
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