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Mother will not sign lease, or utilities in her name

I had a lady and two sons down on luck had moved in a unit 2 months ago,provided washer,dryer,refrigerator,stove. I have heat and lights in my name and no rent has even been paid, WHAT DOES A GUY DO?
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I would send notice immediately, a DEMAND for RENT and a Notice to pay utilities and put in the notice that they MUST put them in their names. If you are ignored, I would then start eviction. Most states require a certain amount of days of formal notice before you can file in court. In Nebraska when there is Non-Payment of Rent by a Tenant, the landlord must make a demand in writing “that the rent must be paid within 3 days, and that if it is not paid, the lease will be terminated”.  If the tenant pays within the 3 days, the landlord may not end the lease. If the rent is not paid after 3 days, the landlord may terminate the lease and if the tenant refuses to leave voluntarily, the landlord may file suit in a court of law to have the tenant evicted. Do not change the locks or threaten your tenant.
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