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what amd how much can you deduct from a tenats deposit

We have a tenent that has moved out, lived in our town home for  3 years. They have always paid on time. When they moved in new carpet, new paint, new blinds.  When they moved out the carpet has to be replaced in two bedrooms do to burns in the carpet and the rest of the place since the carpet was never vacummed we had to replace that too.  No cleaning was done prior to moving out, we had to pay someone to decrease do to smoke on walls and cabinets. Also all blinds were damamged (bent) and had to be replaced. Can we charge the  200.00 it cost us for the place to be decrease along with a deep cleaning and what portion of the carpet and blinds can we charge for.
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The rule of thumb is "beyond normal wear and tear". I would document, take pictures and have receipts. You can deduct but make sure that you send the itemized statement along with any left over security deposit within the amount of time permitted by your state law. IF your tenant disputes any of the charges, they will have to take you to court, if you have this proof AND follow the law on the return; a judge will be more likely to rule in favor of you.
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