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Tenant living in house for one year and security charges

I have a tenant that lived in the house for one year. The carpet was brand new,all new upgrades when she moved in and now it needs to be completely cleaned and has serious stains,holes where fixtures have been removed,yard a mess,water line broken,etc. Is there a law in Calif. in regard to living in a house for one year and a percentage amount of deductions from security deposit?
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There is no exact figure except that deductions should be made for damages that are beyond normal wear and tear. I would take pictures and document EVERYTHING!!! Also document your time if you do not hire someone to repair and clean and keep receipts of all supplies. I usually charge $25 per hour if I do it myself, some people charge more. Then you can itemize the deductions and send your tenant a statement. Each state gives you a specified time to do this, so STAY within your time limit. IF your tenant disputes and it ends up in court it is then up to the judge. The more proof you have the more chances the judge will rule in your favor.
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