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Application Process

I am getting a good amount of response to my ad for my house rental from an advertisement. Is it good practice to give every person that is interested a copy of the application? Should I impose an application fee if my home is of much value? And do I need to add the application fee on the posting?

Deanna I know ont thing and take it from experence Do a exstensive back-ground check do a credit check .Alot of times there last landlord is not there last landlord is not there landlord at all its there friend L;ook at there car , it tells alot Animals also They come in like Mary Poppins and leave like Jack the Ripper. Ask them also about there jobs I heard them all
Deanna, I too have placed an ad and received a lot of inquiries.  I am doing everything at this point by email.  I will send an application out to each person who has requested along with samples of my requirements as a Landlord.  I'm using forms such as "No Illegal Activity", "Pet Agreement", "Rental History Inquiry" etc.  I figure that sending those out now I may only receive a handful of applications back from the more serious prospective tenants.  I am not charging any application fees as it is a service that benefits me as a landlord.
Notify all that there are two steps. 1. Contacting previous two landlords. This will knock out 95% of the problem tenants. No Fees. no personal info, just two quick calls.  2. Of the remaining, the fee will be deducted from the first month's rent.  But very few people, good renters included, like it when a stranger goes thru their credit history. Unless the place is ideal in an ideal location with an ideal rent, don't be surprised when they skip to the next ad in the paper. Bad tenants shy away from past landlord checks and move on.
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