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Keping pet and portion of security deposit

My tenant paid a $250 non-refundable pet deposit as well as a refundable $500 security deposit. We have a written agreement allowing him to have a dog, but there is no specific language stating what the non-refundable pet deposit is for. The tenant is moving out next month so I went by to do a walk through and finish a few minor repairs. I noticed that several boards on the wood deck have been chewed up, a couple window sills inside have been chewed up and the carpet at the edge of the kitchen tile have been pulled up and shredded (carptet was installed new 1 year ago).  Is it lawful to keep more than just the pet depsoit? The repairs will likely be about $350 - $400.

Absolutely! You have 45 Days to either return the entire security deposit OR retur to the tenant an accounting of where the security deposit was used and any balance, if applicable. It is very wise to take pictures and provide receipts for cost and if repairing yourself keep track of your time.
In keeping track of my time repairing (traveing to/from Lowes), can I assign an hourly amount that is average for the area?
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