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Fl: I am the landlord, tenant has a verbal, month to month agreement, no pets, tenant brought pets on property, after me telling her to get rid of them for at least 4 months she told me Friday she was not going to get rid of them.  Caused my seasonal renter to move the apt next door causing me to refund money.  How soon can I get her out.  Her rent is from the 14th of every month to the 14th of the next month.

First: if you haven't already, I would  give a violation notice (IN WRITING) about the unauthorized pet. Evicting for things other than non-payment of rent can be difficult. It can happen but it is more complicated, especially without a written lease. Therefore, I would go with simply not renewing their lease. In Florida, this would mean a 30 day WRITTEN notice given to the tenant that you are NOT renewing their lease. There is a very good notice such as that on this web-site.
Giving a 30 Day Notice of Not Renewing in my opinion would be the best way. IF you raise her rent, there is always the chance she will accept the new rental amount. If you raise her rent to a unbelievable amount, it could call unfair practice into question. I would just send a notice that you are not intending to renew her lease. You can also get the advice of an attorney, if in any doubt.
If on the lease it states who is allowed to stay in the property and rules about guests you can evict. Seriously though in matters like this, I would call an attorney.
Tell him to add you as an interested party on his insurance. It will notify you if the insurance changes.
I do not believe that there is an addendum for breach of contract for not supplying the selected information. However, you can charge a penalty for not supplying you with the information needed, if there is a clause in the lease that was signed. (Sometimes you can even add a clause if you give the tenant a 30 day notice that you are adding/changing an addendum). If they furnished the declaration of their rental insurance at lease signing, why hound them monthly?
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