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tennant refuses to leave

I have a tennant with a tennency at will. If I give him a 30 day notice to quit for no cause and it goes to     court because he does not want to leave what will happen T have to sell because of economic tines he said he will ruin my property and fight the eviction
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If the Lease is a Tenancy at Will (usually a verbal agreement but also one in which both landlord and tenant agree that either can terminate unilaterally), a 30 days notice or the normal period for regular lease payments – whichever is longer must be given.   These rules apply to eviction for other causes, too, unless otherwise specified in the lease, such as specific arrangements that may allow a tenant longer rights in certain situations, i.e., new job, pregnancy, marriage, military, etc.   If the tenant is engaging in criminal nuisance activity (for example, running an unlawful gambling or drug operation), the landlord may proceed with immediate eviction through the courts. Check with your attorney but if your tenant ruins the property it may be cause to go through immediate eviction as well.
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