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deduction for carpet

For Texas Law do you know what the depreciation is. I had a tenet for 4 years. the carpet was new at time of move in. Do to cigarette burns and unremovable stains in the carpet, it had to be replaced.  The price of the new carpet was  800.00 I did a 50 percent depreciation and charged him 400.00 from his lease fee. He is not happy and states he will take me to court. His thought is I should have just steamed cleaned the carpet. you cannot steam clean cigerette burns and other set in stains out. I want to be fair and do the right thing.
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I do not believe Texas law stipulates this but the IRS bases it on the number you use on your taxes an average of 5-10 years. So it would be something like: Cost divided by (5-10 yrs) X # of years(days) left.
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