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Security Deposit not enough

Florida. my tenants moved out at end of lease and I took estimates for all repairs that were needed due to damage, mistreatment and abuse to property. I found that the cost for all repairs were higher than the security deposit I had from tenants (damages were twice the security deposit amount). I sent a letter to tenants describing repairs needed and amounts and they want to dispute and are asking for copies of estimates for repairs.  Am I obligated to show them the estimates?  Can I really collect for the excesive costs?

Provided you followed the procedures required in handling the security deposit; if the tenant objects to the landlord’s claim, the tenant may file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or institute an action in a court of competent jurisdiction to adjudicate the landlord’s right to the security deposit. It seems to me though that it cannot hurt to supply any proof and an itemized listing of the costs associated with the deductions.
I did follow procedures required in handling security deposit. I just want to make sure that I continue to follow procedures... I suspect that previous tenant is trying to dispute charges/costs for the repairs and will continue to call/write me about it to harass me... I do not beleive it will go to court, but if it does, I want to know that I did all that I was supposed to do as the landlord... if I ignore the harassment of calls and messages asking about copies of estimates and objections of the costs of estimates... do I need to choose a cheaper, less professional contractor to do the repairs just because the previous tenant found one that may do the job cheaper?
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