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Maximum amount of tenants

How many tenants are the maximum allowed to rent a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house?

California's housing statutes do not state how many occupants a landlord may accept per rental unit. The area is a subject of continuing dispute. Basically it is left to good judgement.
I think it is not unreasonable for there to be 2 people to each bedroom, so in the case of a 4 bdrm house, 8 people would not be unreasonable.  I understand that as the owner you probably prefer less people, but I don't think you would win in court only on the basis that 8 people are too many for a 4 bdrm house.
Based on the information I have Per the UHC Uniform Housing Code. A room that the landlord has "designed or intended" to be used as a bedroom must be at least 70 square feet for one person, plus an additional 50 square feet for each additional occupant: One person: 70 sq ft, two people: 120 sq ft three people 170 sq ft So you could base your decision on amount of tenants in a 4 br house on what the UHC states.
You can check with the local Fire Department. Locally, they say 300 square feet per person in a a home. And your local housing department.
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