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Tenant say they're moving. Do I still serve eviction papers?

If I serve with eviction papers now, I have to give them another 30 days to move.  They are in the process of moving, as promised.  If I serve them with eviction now, they may realize they can drag their feet for another 30 days.  Can I avoid this prolonged period in the future by making rent due every 2 weeks, & still keep tenants on a 6 month lease?

Did they pay the rent? Why can't you do a 3 day pay or quit notice? First you must give notice - either a 3 day or the 30 day depending on state.   The day after it ends you must file the Unlawful Detainer and have them served.  Be sure to have the Sheriff serve it and get the UD that serves many people - who ever may be there - that is a tactic they use to stay longer. but if a tenant says they are moving then doesn't - did they try to use the "last month"s deposit and you let them?   You need to speak with an attorney
Thanks. I served them with the 3-day today. I went in to see if they'd left the keys. They hadn't, but all their clothes were gone, the fridge was empty, the electricity was off & the fridge is stinking already, so I don't know how long the electric has been turned off.
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