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Tenant from Hell!!!

Stopped paying rent for 4 months now. I filed the eviction late so we are still in the midst but he won't let me show the space to prospective tenants. He claims he'll sue me if I enter, and I gave him 24 notice.

Tracy, is there anything in your rental agreement that states you can show your apartment to prospective tennants and why is he holding the rent .
Yes, my lease allows me to enter the premise with 24-hour notice, so I was curious if he had any grounds to sue me if I have followed the lease.  He claims to not have the money to pay the rent, but when I offer to sign-off onthe debt if he would move out, he said no.
If the lease is signed by yourself and your tennant and is a legal document than thats what your rules are in the tennancy. Aren't you wondering what it might look like inside before you show someone . Maybe you should wait and let the courts settle it I think he might be trying to intimidate you Maybe 100016726
Find out what the laws are. California is the worst - they are on the side of the tenant and not the landlord. Stick to your guns and the schedule. if you give a 24 hr notice and the tenant won't let you in. post a 24 hour notice to inspect - use a coupon and get a plumber to come with you - or someone that is a work man of sorts - you need to inspect. if he won't let you in - call the police and tell him you have rights to come in and inspect -  do not tell him you want to inspect for damage - let that be a surprise. get a base line incase there is damage. when the police comes - have some proof that you own the property and they will let you in. you have rights too.
Sounds like "Pacific Heights"!  Get this tenant OUT OF THERE before he "gets hurt".  Good luck.  I can send some of my Baltimore Boyz to help.
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