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Personal property left in rental home.

My motherenlaw has Alzheimer's and I'm trying to help her.There was one renter who kept getting latter paying. I gave him notice to pay or I would have to file on him. The renter did not pay so I servered him with a notice to vacate in three days or I would file to have him removed. He started moving out and ask me to give him a few more days to get out. I like a fool granted him a fw more days and them he wanted more and it was a weekend so I told him to make sure he was out before Monday because I was go to the JP. Well on saturday night he droped the keys to the house off and he kept the garage key because he said he had a few things get out on sunday and he would leave key under doormat. I went by sunday afternoon and got the key and checked out the houseit was dirty garage was full of trash.He has not paid the past due rent orthe six days over in the next month. He call today said needed to get in to get a refig. I told him to call back when he had some money.Was that OK

Most states do not permit you to "hold for ransom" the personal property of your tenant. In most cases if the tenant demands the property within a specified amount of time, he is entitled. But if he does not claim the property or make demand then you may dispose of it. I personally would have him come at MY convenience and I would make sure and be there when he is picking this property up. I would also do an inspection, take pictures and give him a statement of all the damages. If you can, have him sign it. This way you have him acknowledging the damages.
William be carful in some states you have to put there items in a secure and locked storage space for a specific amount of time with you paying the rent on the storage unit. Do not cause any amount of harrassment . If it winds up in court you do not want to give them amunition of any sorts
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