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How does eviction process work?

Hello,  We are fairly new landlords. We had one duplex for couple years and now we bought 2 other duplexes. Right after the purchase we are facing the situation that we have to evict tenant from our old duplex and one tenant from new property.  It is kind of overwhelming.    We sent them a written notice for Pay Rent or quit.  I wanted to know the process of eviction in South Carolina as this is our first time.  Is it usually hard to evict tenants?  How long is the normal process?  One of the tenant we are evicting is into drugs and his apartment was busted by cops.  Can he be dangerous to us?  Thanks in advance for any advice and tips!!!
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South Carolina Eviction Process is different depending on what the offense is. If it is Non-Payment of Rent: The landlord must give a 5 day written notice of the intentions to terminate the rental agreement unless payment is made. Tenant has 5 days from the date rent is due to pay the landlord. **If this notice is part of the written rental agreement, no other notice is necessary, this is often called a Waiver Notice. If the reason is for  Other Breach or Violation Materially Affecting the Condition of the Property: The landlord must give a 14 day written notice to the tenant unless the case is an emergency in which the tenant must comply immediately. If the tenant remains in non-compliance, the landlord may bring suit for possession and/or damages in court. Generally you go to your county or district court and file a summons and complaint and pay fees.
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