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Please help, I need advice.

Here's the situation. My father is renting in rhode island. My brother lives with him. Before renting the apartment, my father never signed any rental agreement. Til this day there is still no rental agreement. My brother has been living with my father since he moved in. Now the landlord's girlfriend wants my brother to leave. He has never done anything wrong. They are threating my father saying that if my brother doesn't leave, they will kick him out. Do they have the right to do this?
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Notice Must be Delivered to the Tenant for a: Week-to-Week Lease: 10 days prior to ending the agreement Month-to-Month Lease:30 days prior to ending the agreement  Fixed Term or Year-to-Year Lease:90 days prior to lease expiration. Therefore as long as your landlord gives you this proper notice, then the answer is yes, they can ask you to leave. Without a lease, the lease term is usually considered by how often you pay rent, for example if you pay the rent monthly, then the verbal agreement would be considered month to month. A landlord can never just change the locks, or shut down utitlities without going through proper procedures and the court for eviction.
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