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Notice to vacate - tenant at will

We have a tenant-at-will that we have (finally) decided to ask to leave (haven't done so yet).    He is a tenant at will.   No security deposit.  Never once paid rent on time.  Would often be hundreds of dollars behind.  Sent partial payments, etc.    Has cats that have been urinating on carpet so we will have to replace all the carpeting.    I understand in Massachusetts, in the case of non-payment we can do a 14-day notice to quit but we decided on a  30-day Notice to Quit.  I am trying to find the forms online.  Also... we don't know how much damage, in addition to the carpets, has been done.  Will we have any recourse on this?    Thanks for your help!

We are putting the property up for sale this week.
I would keep track of any payments that were made, and what is still owed. I would take pictures of all damage and get estimates for replacement from at least 2 vendors. You should be able to sue this tenant for any damages and mooney owed.
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