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Annual Walk-Through

I am doing an annual walk-through on my rental property today.  The tenats have been in the property just over a year.  Last time I was inside the property I noticed Crayon all over one of the walls which is why I decided that maybe I need to take a closer look at what is going on.    Besides checking for any obvious damage and checking smoke alarms, does anyone have any advice on things that I should check?     How long should I give them to correct any issues before charinging them to have someone come in and take care of it?   Any other advice?  Thanks!

I would check for carpet condition; and I always check for minor plumbing issues. Many of my tenants will not fix the small issues and they end up becoming big ones.
Thanks Helen,  The walk-through went pretty well.  My biggest pet peve was finding that instead of replacing batterys in two of the smoke detectors, they just took them down.  Why on earth would someone do that?   I gave them 24 hours to have the batterys replaced and smoke detectors back up.   That is messing with their own safety!
Armada another good reason for a walk thru is to see if there are any pets 0r extra people not on the lease . Some lights can be out also in dangerous places causing safty issues People use the batteries in other devices when they need them, or they cook a lot of pasta which in turn creates a lot of steam and then sets them off .
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