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Deposit return smoking

We had a tenant that previously moved out and do to excessive smoking and non cleaning we had to degrease the cabinets, walls before we could paint. The kitchen cabinets also had excessive grease build up from non cleaning from cooking. Also,do to cigerette burns in the carpet we had to replace the carpet too. The blinds we replaced do to excessive tar, and we found it was cheaper to replace then to pay to degrease and clean. Since we didnt have a smoker provision in the contract, can we charge the tenant what it cost us to degrease the townhome?

If it is beyond normal wear and tear; then a deduction usually can be made to the security deposit. Just because you had smoking tenants; does not mean you have to cover their bad housekeeping habits. make sure you take pictures and get together as much proof as possible.
I agree if it is above normal wear and tear then you may be able to recover some of the costs you are out, you could take a solution of bleach and water 1:10 and then clean a small part of the wall, if there is an obvious difference and if you don't smoke do the same thing to one of your walls or a tenant that has been living there about the same time. Take pictures of the results t prove if necessary n court their smoking caused above normal wear and tear to the painted walls, the blinds, etc.  Then find out what the expect life of those things would be and when you get a total of the blinds and paint, individually figure out what the dollar amount would be per year and deduct that from the deposit.  Like carpet usually last 7-10 years and some types 5-10 so be careful  and ask the salesperson or manufacturer what the life expectancy is of their product and get it in writing to support your claim.
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