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Can I charge more rent for 2 people vs. 1 person?

I am advertising for rent a very small studio cottage in Fremont, CA.  It is only 240 sq. ft.  Is it OK to charge more rent for 2 people than for 1 person?

What do you mean by OK? I'm not an attorney, so I don't know if that violates fair housing or discrimination laws, but if I were you I'd stick with the advertised rent amount, and just make sure you get both tenants to sign the lease. If they default, you'll have a judgment against 2 people instead of just one, so it really can only help you to have a second person liable on the lease.
Hi, I don't know CA laws, but in Florida you can, especially if you are paying for the water/sewer or any other utility, and in FL if you don't have it in the lease, the landlord IS responsible for the water/sewer.
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