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Does anyone have a list of questions to ask references?

I am looking for a list of questions that you might ask the references that where put on the application. I did some searching but can't seem to find anything out on this. I know theres some things you can't ask. Anything you might have would be great. Thanks.

Justin, do your homework and do a credit and background check. Secondly if you are checking with there past landlord make sure its the past landlord and not there relative. Do they pay on time , Do they limit the people they have come over AND NOT TO LIVE, Do they keep the place clean  Do they reserve the rights of others, Do they pay for things they break , Do they have animals and watch them , Usually your credit check will tell you if they are resoponsible.
The best "list of questions" would be a rental application. A good rental appplication will ask for the important information and also will have your prosective tenant sign for permission for you to investigate. After an application is completed and signed, you can then use a company that does credit checks and so forth. This web-site offers an EXCELLENT and FREE rental application.
I checked at my local library or book store for the Idiot's Guide to Landlording, or something like that. Also, Google the national property managers websites. They usually have great forms and lists of questions to ask.
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