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Am I obligated to replace the carpet?

My tenants just signed a new two year lease, and now they decided that the carpet has too many stains and they do not like the way it looks.  Am I obligated under virgina law to change the carpet every so many years?  They are the first tenants in the home and they have dogs and kids!

I do not believe you are obligated. Are they just noticing this now? Have they seen the place before? I have had a situation such as this and my tenants also had many dogs. I told them I would have the carpet re-cleaned and we used a special stain and pet odor removal. Not only did they end up leaving before the end of the lease owing 2 months but they left the place a mess and the carpet was even worst. I had to replace most of the carpeting when they left. One way to handle this is to have them pay half if they want new carpeting but make sure they know in writing that they are STILL responsible for any damage!
I guess I would evaluate how old the carpet is and how much you want them for tenants.  IF the carpet is more than 7-10 years old, then maybe it does need to be replaced.  Get dark brown carpet that is not super expensive.  Charge them a pet deposit if they have pets.  If replacing the carpet is not in your budget, then tell them so and that their rent in priced appropriately.  Perhaps lowering their rent a small amount will satisfy them.  Or offer to let them out of their lease if they hate it so much.   It depends on a lot of factors.
I would also state that due to insurance purposes, you 1. Do not move any of the tenants things in the apartment and they every room would have to be cleared completely out in order for new carpet to be placed down. 2. new move in inspection with pictures of the carpet for move out in the future.
Make sure its not a saftey issue,like a cut , it could be a code violation which if they are cheap they could withold rent or sue saying they fell.
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