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pest control

do i have to provide a place for my tenent to live while the house is being tented, or just don't charge the rent for those days.

Landlord-tenant law also gives the tenant the right to file suit against the landlord in small claims or California superior court to recover damages in the most serious instances. "Special damages" can range up to $5,000 and include expenses such as the cost of staying in a motel because the unit is uninhabitable.  That being said....when being in such a situation myself, I ended up putting my tenants up in a motel. It saves much aggravation.
In Los Angeles, the landlord is responsible to deduct from the rent the prorated daily rent for the few days the tenant is displaced.
What does your lease say about pest control? Some leases put it on the landlord, others on the tenant.  All else being equal, I would tell him you'll reimburse him for the cost of the traps, but he's not your employee and you're not going to pay him an arbitrary hourly wage.
Brian, thank you so much for the information, it is most helpful!
Thanks for posting this question Sharon.  I have a similar issued regarding pest. The property was pest free when the lease was signed 10 months ago. Now that the weather is changing there has been a report of mice. There's no cmention in the lease establishing responsibility for pest control.  Am I as the landlord responsible for hiring an exterminator.
Check your rental agreement. If it's a condo it could be the Association's responsibility. If it's a home and doesn't specify Tenant, it probably would be yours.
Colleen, that sounds horrible. I would certainly give your landlord notice of your intent to leave if the above is not fixed. The landlord has an obligation to prevent such instances.
Well it varies... if you mean spraying a few times a year for like spiders or rentals in the south who are more prone to bugs, that would be the tenant in my oppinion. However, if there is a rodent problem.. then traditionally the landlord.
It depends on what your lease states. It also depends on the pest issue.
In my opinion, landlord is fully responsible for pest control. Hunter Rentals&Property Management managing my apartment and they do pest control after every three months. They are very responsive.
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