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I have a tenant who signed a lease for 1 year, but it has been 2 years and 8 months now, and never renew the lease. The problem now is that they vacated the property without any written or verbal notice. Can they do that since there was not a signed lease? What are my rights as the landlord? And now they are demanding the security deposit. *Minor to moderate damage was done to the property.
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In Texas: If you never had a written lease agreement, or if your written lease has expired, then it is usually considered a month-to-month tenant. A month-to-month lease continues from one month to the next, as its name implies, until either you or your tenant  gives a one-month advance notice of termination. in Texas: A security deposit is used to ensure compliance with the lease agreement. Deductions for unpaid rent and damages beyond normal wear and tear are usually permitted. Be sure though to follow your state's requirements for the return of the security deposit!
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