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Release and Waiver of Liability - is it needed here?

I'm renting out a detached house. I see in apartment leases they have a "Release of Waiver of Liability and Indemnity" I assume this is if the complex has a gym, pool, etc. Is this a good idea for a private house rental? Is it enforceable for that type of rental? Thanks.

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Many, many states restrict a landlord from absovling himself of liability. This came to be because many landlords were abusing the right. In many states, you can enforce a requirement for the tenant to obtain and keep an "renters" policy. This takes some of the burden off of the landlord. For specific items such as a pool or gym, I would include a special addendum that addresses that situation. The insurance company that insures your rental property are a very useful resource as well. **Be careful when permitting pets - if it is a pet on a list of dangerous breeds or pets, the landlord may be liable for any mishap.
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